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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The signs

Yesterday I drove a good friend of my girlfriend to a place 60 km away from us. It was a kind of a strange situation, because she is afraid of cars in general, is scared of speed and was never sitting in a convertible. Except of that she works as a nurse in an intensive care medical station, so she has seen many bad things.

So what is to do in this situation ? Roof down, slow chilling ride with talking and music. Outside of the highway, through the fields and villages, the fine countryside around. Of course she liked it. Before the ride, there was a nervous face, afterwards a big smile.

But even when she was relaxed after the drive, this was a kind of a person, which even without talking about this, reminds you, that bad things can happen on the road. It was one of the signs reminding me to watch out on the road. Even if I don't do a mistake, some other drivers can. And since I am really not eager to write another story about how a Saab saved my life, these signs telling me to be even more careful on the road as usual.

The drive home was safe, through the dusk into the slowly starting night.

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