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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saab replacement keys

Some keys for the 9-3 were really a pain. Such a great idea with the rubber, they are fitting great in the hand with a feeling that this is not just a key. But the rubber isn't durable enough, after a time it starts to break. I've heard there was a callback for some generation.

Being worry, that my two keys will have the same destiny, even they are after the callback generation, I searched for spare keys. Luckily, the time, when they were super rare is now over, so I've asked a friend who ordered something from Neobrothers to add two front cases, exactly these.

Actually it came something looking like the whole key. It's plastic, not rubber. Neobrothers wrote 
"... we recommend only using the front section of the case with your original backing. Then you will notice a correct fitment, we send out the rear out of courtesy but it is purely the front section that is required.". So I've replaced the front part.

It is a different feeling than the rubber. The buttons are going a bit harder, but it seens to get better with the time. The new front and original rear part are holding fine, however from the start I was a bit worry, that the key falls apart, but it seems to be only my paranoia. To kill it, I will have a backup key with me for a while.

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