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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saab sold

TTela and Saabsunited are reporting, that Saab sale decision has been completed. The winner is not public as well as the timing of an official announcement. It's Thursday, so it can happen, that the official text is written right now. The original information "leaked" through an official of the City of Trollhattan.

So let's summarise. In the last weeks the circle of relevant and interested parties in buying Saab were shrinking to basically three : the electro (hybrid ?) consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), consisting of a Hong Kong based alternative energy company and japanese investment fund. Than Youngman, a chinese manufacturer of cars, buses and trucks. And Mahindra & Mahindra, a huge indian industry group, where one, pretty large division produces cars.

In the very last weeks the most media presence were coming about NEVS and Youngman. Mahindra and Mahindra was increasingly quiet. Some reports even said, they withdrawn from the bid process.

The winner as well as the set-up of the deal is unknown at this moment. The only weight of the "Saab sold" information is, that it comes from officials of the city of Trollhattan.

It is worth to watch the news right now. We were waiting for this decision for months.

Good luck Saab.

Update : NEVS should be the winner and the officials are denying to know anything. No official announcement about anything yet.

Update 2 : another text appeared at Nothing really new.

Update 3 : is here

sources : TTela, SU


  1. if true then fairly depressing news. building Saab's with electric/hybrid engines will make driving them a soulless and joyless experience. Saab's were always meant to be the "driver's car"....not anymore

    1. if true... EURO6 and 7 will change all cars as we know them to hybrids, EVs, E85, hydrogen cells etc. in about 10 years. I would not mind to have a 200+hp hybrid Saab at all. If it's strong, accelerates, the chassis holds in curves and maintains the Saab soul, why not...