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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hirsch steering wheel

At the first look I didn't liked it. At the second as well. But after a time I like it more and more. And seriously considering it. However, I don't know, if Hirsch still produces them. Btw. the Saab is a lime yellow 9-3 II convertible 2006, 2.0t with Hirsch software and belongs to a friend.


  1. I have this on mine, absolutely love it, such a gorgeous shape, and the quality of leather is superb

    Not too sure if Hirsch have any left, but I bet some dealers will have them. MapTun have done one similar which is available, but I don't like it as much.

    1. yes, I've seen the wheel on your blog, it's great. I just needed more time to start to like it, it's the same as with the more complicated music pieces, which simply require more time. btw. as far as I remember, Maptun did only 10 pieces.

      I'm in search for all the 3 trims and the wheel, it's probably too late but the try worth.