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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deadline for final bids for Saab extended to 10.4.

The first working day after Easter is the, due to complexity of the Saab sale process, extended deadline for final bids. This was announced on todays press-conference of the administrators.

Again careful answers. This one was somehow tricky :

Q : Do the interested parties remaining want to build cars with the brand name SAAB?
A : If there is a continuation under the brand name Saab is not something the administrators can answer, but all parties are interested in building cars with Saab technology.

In other words, not all of the bidders want to build Saabs. They all probably want to buy the factory, hire the people, use the remaining technology but only some (if) intend to build Saabs. That would be probably Mahindra & Mahindra and recently somehow quiet Youngman.

Saab technology in non-Saab cars could mean the electric alternative by the mysterious japanese / chinese consortium, where Youngman as well as BAIC / Panasonic could be involved, but also companies like Valmet which produced Saab Viggen and 9-3 convertible around 2002.

So if the dealine is 10.4. and the next press-conference on 17.4., this could be an interesting one. 

More info : saabsunited | saabblog

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