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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring is coming, roof down.

Not even two weeks ago the temperatures were -15°C, sometimes colder and outside the cities the traffic situation due to snow was critical. The winter has shown us how it should be and faded away. Spring is coming.

With todays sunny weather first motorbikes showed outside and for convertible drivers this means roof down. In average 13°C and maybe even more (max 16°C) was definitely a reason to try. It's still not summer comfortable but first signs are here. Also our cats started to loose hair a bit, another sign.

First signs of spring are coming

From the nature point of view it's too soon. The spring equinox is on 21.3., so in a month. I remember my grandfather telling me, that summer and winter are getting longer at the expense of spring and autumn. So if winter ends now in february and spring will be short, we can expect hotter weather soon. Is it good for nature ? Not really. But a weekend of joy from the sun helps the soul :)

First real roof down in 2012

At the Danube river side channel

We went to the Danube river to look how the nature recovers from the unusual colds. Some of the migratory birds are back and the nature has started to "boot up". The frost wasn't long enough to freeze the river, but pieces of ice, large like a car, were floating all the time and the ship traffic was stopped for a while. Now there is rest of the ice of the bank, melting with every sun ray.

Danube channel

Danube main stream

The ice is melting ...

My break discs are fading away, so there is time to order new ones. 314 mm is the size. Coming soon. But the nearly 90.000 kilometers on my Saab reminded me, that besides the standard maintenance no special or unusual failures occured. Which is great. Recently I've met someone with the same Saab (without Hirsch) with 150.000 km and still nothing. I'm satisfied with the Saab.

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