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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Independence Edition as the last Saab of the current era

Exactly a year ago (23.2.2011) I was proud to publish first pictures of the Saab Independence Edition. Proud because it's great and even prouder because it's a convertible. Convertibles from Saab rocks !

Who could think about, that exactly after 365 days Saab could be in a clinical death situation where bankruptcy administrators are selling it and hopely fighting for to sell it as a whole to a serious bidder, who has an honest will to ressurect the automaker in restarting the production. Yes, some predicted this. But many of us survived extremely critical situations and sometimes miracles happen. Let it be this time again.

The Saab Convertible Independence Edition was an idea to built a limited amount of vehicles, numbered limited editions each year of the independence of GM. Starting with 365 cars + years of the independence. This edition was 366 and in special orange colour.

Yesterday the last Saab, an Independence Edition was completed at ANA Trollhattan. Sad.

It is Aero based on the latest facelift. Engines were a petrol 2.0 liter (220 hp),  a turbodiesel 1.9 liter (180 hp) and a Biopower version for petrol or E85. This last edition was a 1.9 TTiD. There were some special details incorporated. You can read the specification here.

In total 47 convertibles were build. This will be a collectible for sure. All are owned by ANA and the remaining are for sure for sale. If not sold already. There were through the last months some to find on autoscout24 and but dissapeared.

If you want one of them, you can contact ANA. Omg, if I could buy one now ...

I've tried to find some pictures with high resolution, so after the click you can see them :

Saab Convertible Independence Edition Front

Saab Convertible Independence Edition Rear

Saab Convertible Independence Edition Interior

Carbon fibre dashboard detail

Numbering detail

The great 18" wheels with satin chrome/black finish

The wheels once again

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