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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Saab fellowship

In many countries Saab drivers greet each other on the road. They blink, they wave, sometimes they drive together for a while. The less Saabs in the country, the more the habit. It's visible all the time.

There are not many brands, where the drivers are doing this. Sometimes Hondas or older BMWs. Not too many others. The reason is commoditisation of many things incl. cars which let this nice habit slowly fade away. It's a pity.

Have you seen the Saab versus advertisement campaign ? I like it a lot. Therefore I've tried to do my own version of it. Not so clean, not so professional but still authentic. The photo is from a convoy in summer 2011 to a large Saab event in the Czech Republic (Roudnice). Taken by Kerim from The black convertible is mine. It was an 8 cars convoy to Prague, where another 30-40 cars were regrouping. On the event itself around 200 cars were present. You can read more here.

Hopefully i didn't broke any copyrights or something like that, it wasn't my intention. I hope you like it.

Saab vs. Fellowship

1 comment:

  1. Kerim from SUG greet Alex! nice article...