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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More questions than answers at the moment

Frozen cabrio, frozen Saab. Forever ?
There was another regular Tuesdays press-conference held by the administrators. The number of interested parties in buying Saab or its parts increased from five to six or seven. Already known parties are : Youngman, Brightwell Developments, Mahindra & Mahindra, BAIC with Panasonic. Speculated parties are : Volvo and an unknown european vendor, Saab AB and some other consortium. The first three parties claim interest in Saab as a whole package, the others are unknown. The rumours about BMW are not confirmed.

GM, through it's speaker James Caine acclaimed, that they are not in discussions with any of the interested parties. This is in strong contradiction with interviews with Brightwell Holdings saying the exact opposite, namely, that they negotiate with GM about IP rights of 9-5 and 9-4X.

BAIC rattled with their weapons and showed their new electric Saab, based on IP rights to 9-3 and old 9-5 with BAIC logo. The IP was sold by GM short before selling Saab to Spyker. Unclear remains what kind of agreement about the 9-3 is in place. Indications say about "old" 9-3, however we don't know what it means. Pre-2010 ?

Most of the bids for Saab are indicative, not binding.

Also it remains open what stayed of Saab for sale. Some of the buildings are sold, people with know-how are gone, some have new jobs. IP rights are just a few there. There will come surprises for sure. Still in hope for positive

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