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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saab 9-X Air

This is how Saab convertibles could look like if GM wouldn't be such ignorant. A wonderful concept and a hard one, since Saab convertibles are top in it's class, to improve them required a lot of skill.

It is a hybrid, with Biopower engine (E85 ethanol or Petrol) combined with electric engine. Introduced 2008 together with the Saab 9-X Biohybrid

Technical specifications :

Specifications9-X Air
Internal combustion engineFront mounted transverse four-cylinder inline engine with turbo
Displacement :1398 cc
Bore x stroke:73.4 x 82.6 mm
Max power (E85):200 hp at 5000 r / min
Max torque (E85):280 Nm at 1750-5000 r / min
Max power (gasoline):170 hp at 5200 r / min
Max torque (gasoline):230 Nm at 1500-5200 r / min
Valve control:Double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank, four valves per cylinder
Fuel system:Direct injection
Hybrid systems :Electric motor / generator with lithium-ion battery pack ; 
Energy regeneration at braking
Drive:Front wheel drive
Gearbox :6-speed sequential manual, 
with automatic clutch
L x W x H:4427 x 1826 x 1390 mm
Fuel consumption :6.5 l/100 km (E85), 5.0 l/100 km (petrol)
Carbon dioxide emissions :107 g / km (E85), 119 g / km (petrol)
Source : Wikipedia

I've seen it in the Saab Museum in October 2011 and besides many things I especially liked a detail - the slide-in cameras instead of side rearview mirrors. These :

9-X Air concept "rearview mirror"

9-X Air concept "rearview mirror"

There are some videos on youtube on it. If you would like to keed the good feeling while discovering the 9-X, better don't look at the official where the GM's VP of design looks like drunk and speaks mostly marketing brainwash.

Probably the nicest of the videos is this one :

And also this one from the Detroit International Auto Show is very fine.

Of course, this is now over, this never will be built. Many GM patents are there for sure and it already has the current 9-5 front mask look'n'feel.

Such a pity ...

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