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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Music for Cabriolets : Toni Granko - Plachtyk

Again a summer flashback. The slow and atmospheric tracks from Toni Granko are an excellent choice for slow evening rides and short stops on comfortable places with the roof down.

Toni Granko is a guy from Bratislava, making music for long time. This track is from the album "Ľudia dialok blízkych myslí", freely translated as "People from far away close in mind", from 2010. He's a friend of mine, he is not exactly a Saab enthusiast but he has a taste for cars and very much likes Saabs. Into his car history definitely belongs this wonderful old Volga GAZ 21 (check the transparent tachometer !) as well as a Volvo 460 GLS.

In this fast world he reminds me a bit of Vini Reilly | Durutti Column, going his own way even in the boom of the manchester scene in the 90's. To better know the background, the movie 24 hour party people, is very recommended.

Visual performance in the video is done by Kufrik Brothers.

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