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Thursday, October 6, 2011

SaabsUnited Oktoberfest 2011 Trollhattan in pictures

My first and hopely not last large Saab event. In the previous post are immediate feelings written deep in the night still in the hotel in Trollhattan. So this is part 2 of the post, mainly pictures.

Before one experience with the ANA service. Through the day before leaving Trollhattan, the ashtray in my Saab broke down. Although a small thing, for a smoker who leaves for a 1500 km drive without the ashtray a very disturbing thing. So early in the morning I went to ANA with a big ask for fix / change it. They understood and the problem was fixed within an hour for a reasonable price. Respect. And thanks a lot.

The pictures :

Many Saabs. Of course mine in front :)

The evening before the main event. SUHRT rally cars in front of the hotel.

Saab 9-5 SC : 

I want. It would be a great combination of a family car, a day-to-day car and using it as a company car.

On the photo below is the american version (as far as i know). A bit different mainly from the rear side. Imho nicer, but with this meaning I was somehow alone around.

The 9-4X

A small wet dream. In Aero please. That was a really nice piece. I've met on the roads around Trollhattan another white one several times. Alltogether I've seen 2 whites and this grey. The video of the presentation from the photo above is located here.

My favorite Saab cabriolets seen around

This 9-3 II in grey with probably custom roof a and very minimalistic look'n'feel. Hirsched. Grey inside. Even the ice-cube rear lights are now in a context, where I like them. Wow.

Around this 9-3 I Viggen cabrio I was daily walking in the garage and had to stop for a moment each time. Looks in great condition, Hirsch wheels (probably ECU as well). Ehm ... P0rn.

Update : with 99%, it's this one. Different license plate, but the one in the link was sold. 

And some more :

"Steampunk" edition

 The red 9-5 was very nice as well. I liked the red-black rearview mirror detail.

Combination of 80ies and probably some uncommon medication :) Nice !

We had this 9-5 for 30 minutes test-drive. Three drivers, 2.0 Turbo 4, Vector. Positive surprise.

This is another car p0rn. A hirsched 9-5 2.8V6 Aero, software, 19" wheels, exterior as well as interior parts. Ahhhh ....

Some more pictures will appear in the future. You can also find the first part here.

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