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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Greetings from Trollhattan : Saab overload

Not my first time in Sweden, but first time in Trollhattan. The reason for this trip is Saabsunited Octoberfest. That means 1300km there, another 1300 on Monday/Tuesday back, 2 overnight ferry rides + 150-200km around.

Long trip, very intensive days, extremely interesting programm through all the days here. Trollhattan means overload of Saabs. They are everywhere. While at home, when I meet a Saab on the road, often I know the driver. Here in Trollhattan if you want to find a street without a Saab, you have to do a multiple hours roundtrip and even than most probably have no success in your task. They are everywhere, all types, zillions of versions, tunings and conditions. Now I understand very well, what it would mean for this city, if Saab would disappear from the scene. And I also understand why people here and around don't wave at each other from Saab to Saab, they would have to mount an artificial waving arm on the windscreen.

It's always very refreshing to meet new people, have a chat with them or even in deeper talks to learn their attitude about things. This trip is about this. I've met very interesting people, often open-minded to talk. They all will stay in my memory. From the norvegian guy up to the older guy at our evening desk which loved to use the  in-between the lines speach. Also I had the opportunity to talk to TimR and Till72 from SaabsUnited, to Swade writing Inside Saab as well as Manfred from Hirsch.

Saabmuseum visit was a must. At some cars I forgot to breathe, absolutely unique collection of the automotive history.

There was a time for a short trip before the event programm started. This is a nice city with places worth to see as the waterfall as well as the locks and draw-bridges. One of them is to see from my hotel window. Close to the waterfall there is a huge propeller placed on a parking place. I've made several pictures of my convertible over there, this time posting only one. Yes, my car is dirty, but it had 1300 km to drive without chance to clean it properly.

The Octoberfest itself had a very interesting programm, many many cars all the time changing in the parking lots. There was stuff I would never dream of to see in the near future, Maptuned cars, the 9-4X, 9-5 SC (sport combi), the last facelift of Saab 9-3 caled Griffin  as well as the e-Power electrical vehicles. I had also the opportunity to test drive the newest 9-5 for a while. Turbo 4, Linear. I want :) In Aero please. Tomorrow 12:00 is the correct time for that :) I could easily imagine to have this as an everyday car. I dont know how many cars were there. Many, as well as people.

That's it for the moment. There will come more selected photos from the 400 shot in the last 2 days. Time to sleep now.

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