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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : Cuxhaven - Hamburg

On my recent trip Cuxhaven was an unplanned stop. I rather wanted to go to Bremerhaven, but hadn't reserved any hotel and everything was occupied. So in the PDA and after 5 minutes I had a reservation in 40km far Cuxhaven. At my day (Wednesday) it was an empty city. But the port was nice and the fisher restaurant was good.

The way to Hamburg, recommended by a local Saabist parking next to me his 9-3 I was the same as in the navigation under "other" road. It has ~120km leading through green parts, nice small towns, 1-2 boat locks, sometimes on a dam. It contains a ferry through Elbe river, which is a nice "stop". It was quite full, but waiting time wasn't longer than 20 minutes. Price ~10€.

Map :

Larger map

The whole way is rather slow, not empty, but not full. It's a 2 hours drive and if the weather plays with you, a very nice part of some trip. Somehow "peaceful".

From Cuxhaven to Hamburg

From Cuxhaven to Hamburg

I am not an eco-freak, but I really liked that lots of cows, sheeps and horses grazing around. Looks like the environment is fine. Something I am a bit missing at home. All the animals are somewhere closed in buildings :(

From Cuxhaven to Hamburg

Ferry over Elbe

It took at the end some kilometers on the highway. After seeing a Saab logo i turned there and found a dealer - Saab Etehad. Some new 9-5s outside, as well as a convertible. A very friendly approach. And a positive look into the future in spite of what is going on now with Saab. I bought color for scratches and a soft-top roof cleaning + impregnation set for the upcoming roof service in some weeks.

However they told, that to re-color the soft-top as shown here [youtube video] is not recommended at all. That the faded parts will look again fresh after the impregnation. Hmmm... I will try than the impregnation only and let's see. Btw. I've got Tunap Cabrio 152 & 153, it looks like this (picture stolen from ebay) :

It has disapeared from the Tunap site, what is a bit worrying, but I will try this out. Found it in some forums as recommended.

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