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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where drivers fail at summer holiday

An interesting study from Goodyear Dunlop was recently published about drivers behavior before and through summer holiday. Some things are shocking, some less but it gives a nice overview what people really (dont) do with and within their cars.

This is a survey from 5600 drivers in 15 european countries. 74% of them go to summer holidays and 73% of them by car. A half of them will drive more than 1000km. That's a lot, drivers and kilometers.

A half of the drivers rank themselves as average drivers. Again a half drives 3-4 hours before taking a break, but 11% drive more than 5 hours without a stop. Do they see stereo than ?  40% dont even check air pressure in their cars.

There is much more and interesting. You can look and download the 36 slides long document here. It is also a good guide for preparation of the car for summer holiday.

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