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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Top Gear coverage of Saab PhoeniX concept

A nice coverage of the Saab PhoeniX concept unveiled in March 2011 can be found here. Besides a nice introduction there are some first interesting signs about a new 9-3 : 

OK, but a few minutes later, I'm with Saab's chairman Victor Muller who can't resist getting out his smartphone and showing me an image of a 9-3 coupe he's had Castriota design. It's basically the PhoeniX without the wings and the lower-body layering, and it really does look like a car to give the TT and RCZ pause.

Anyway, Castriota says the whole nose section of the 9-3 replacement will look just like what'son the PhoeniX. The swept-back wheel-arch modelling too. And since the PhoeniX uses Saab's new platform, the relationship of wheels to bumper is right, including the shortened but more effective front crash structure, so Saabs won't look as nose-heavy.

Interesting. There are some new and very nice pictures :

The whole text and more pictures can be found here.

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