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Friday, July 1, 2011

Double-din unit install in Saab 9-5

To change the navigation / radio / CD unit is something which many Saab owners considered for sure. It is far from to be state of the art. It works fine, but drivers which prefer arrows and distances instead of voice guidance have a problem, the night/day mode switching is strange, there are missing some maps, new ones costs hundreds of € and aren't actual. The earlier types does not have AUX inputs etc. There are some aftermarket double-din units with far more funcionality.

I considered a swap as well, but decided not to do it, because a genuine Saab part simply belongs to the car. Another reason is, that I was afraid to loose controls on the steering wheel. Saab (in case of  successful solving of the current crisis) is working on a new Android-based system called iQon. Maybe this will be compatible with the older cars like mine (2007), in this case I would go for it.

But there are people swapping the units and I've found a great how-to, I'd like to share. It is this thread, belonging to, showing how to replace the original part of a 2005 Saab 9-5 with a Pioneer unit. The discussion also makes a lot of sense. Great work !

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