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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : around Myjava

Yes Myjava. The name doesn't have anything to do neither with the indonesian island nor with the programming language (btw. which was invented by people of my former employer). It's a town and a river in western Slovakia, close to the czech border.

Larger map

The part worth to recommend starts in Trstín and goes through Small Carpaths which is a begin of the Carpathian Mountains (which continue 1500km south-east to Romania). A nice pass through small hills and woods (A->B). Than comes a typical countryside of this part, crooked road through a couple of villages up to Myjava (B->C). The roads are in good condition.

Originally I wanted to continue on a different road but a local I've met in Myjava advised me to take a nice scenic road through Krajné to Vrbové. (C->E)

That was a nice part, generally going down from the small hills, where fields start to appear but it is still not flatland. Very changing and mostly empty roads in average condition. In contrast to czech countryside, where people often wish to stop for a minute/hour here and there, this land it is more about driving than exploring towns. But still very nice and comfortable.

I didn't had luck for weather, it was before storm and rain and indeed it started after a while, so the roof was quickly up. But it is definitely worth a roundtrip again in better weather. Starting and ending in Bratislava it is ~200km long.

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