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Friday, April 1, 2011

New wiper blades and key battery

Recently my wiper blades began to "fade" and were about to change. After a long usage of Bosch blades on my former cars I wanted to try some other brand. I chose Valeo Silencio X-TRM. Good test results (not the best but still very good) and immediate availability on stock were the key things here.

For Saab 9-3 after 2002 the part number UM653 is the right one. They were easy to install, they are quiet and clean perfectly. Clean windscreen is a cool thing :) I will find out about their performance in snowy conditions next winter and about durability hopely in some years. They look ... hmmm modern.

Another thing which started to strike is the remote key. The distances of operation were shorter, sometimes I had to click for open/close twice or more times until yesterday, when I could not open my car at all and had to go the old analog way : to pull the metal key out, open and switch off the alarm. No one cared about the alarm sound.

 The battery should last for about 4 years of normal use.

... says the Owner's Manual. My 9-3 was built 07/07, which is 3½ years. This is OK. The manual also says about the change of the key battery very simple what to do : how to open the key, change the battery and synchronize with the car. The right battery has the number CR2032, the original was from Sony, I've got a Varta. I was a bit afraid about the synchronisation procedure. The manual says :

Unlock the car and insert the remote control into the ignition switch to
synchronize the remote control and car.

I've expected some delay and message from SID but it was really easy - first insert, waiting a second and it started the engine. Nice, no problems. For those of you, who want to see how the key looks from inside, here is a picture.

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