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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Saab 9-3 convertible after 56.000km

A summary after driving 13.000km with my metal baby. It has now 56.000km.

When it came, it was a bit steering to the right without holding the steering wheel. Tyre pressure and geometry were OK. SID called for intermediate service control anyway, so I asked them to check it. Everything else was ok, but the service came with a diagnosis of play in steering, which is a serious thing. For some reason I did not believed them and tried another service. They didn't find anything.

The problem was in the tyres. The summer tyres (in ecological waste already) which were on the car were a tragedy. I've never seen the brand before and forgot it immediately after change. Winter came and I needed winter tyres. After reading several reviews I bought Dunlop Wintersport 3D which are fantastic. Not cheap at all, but worth the money (170€/piece). We were driving 2600km in AT/DE/NL in winter on snowy or wet highways, in quite hard conditions. The tyres (235/45/R17) were extremely good in acceleration, breaking, holding the path through snow etc.

So real technical issues until now : ZERO. Yes yes, I like this !

Of course there are small "things". For example the bloody expensive double DVD with maps including Slovakia as well and not recommended to buy, because the maps seems to be in comparison to pocket GPS maps a pure fail. Or Elkparts was not able to ship the touch-up pen for eliminating some of the scratches. Not, that I immediately need it, but some small scratches are there. A Saab friend goes to London, so hopely he can arrange it. Btw. the rest of the Elkparts shipment was a bit expensive but fine.

But that's it. For a 4 years old car with that mileage one can expect, that there are no problems but the risk buying used car is still there.

We use to knock on wood for luck. So knock-knock (Neo) that my Saab holds.

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