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Friday, February 11, 2011

Saab introductions 2011

New stuff  ahead ! There will be several new Saabs shown at the International Motorshow in Geneva (3.-13. March 2011). One concept car, three new or facelifted cars + 9-4X, which is also quite new. According to the situation, when Saab is fighting in the independence status out of GM, this is a big thing. Prior to Geneva, we will see the new metal beauties.

This picture is a screenshot from this site.

The Saab Concept Car is a new thing for me. I assume a design and technology showcase (maybe a AeroX follow-up) which will than be used on the new 9-3 next year or so. 1st of March is the date of first look. The 9-5 Sport Combi pictures as well as some spy photos were already shown.  The 9-3 range will be most probably a facelift (a major one ?) + the 9-3 Cabriolet about which I speculated about here :

It will be based on Aero and will have 2.0T Biopower engine with 220 HP.

It will have a new color - Sunset Red and it looks like many parts of the car will be toned to this color. Including the new seats and turbo instrument needle. It will have 18" wheels, several Hirsch parts like the very cool leather instrument panel and probably other parts like interior and door trims. And a new steering wheel.

Both, the 9-3 and 9-3 cabrio will be shown at 23.2., at the 1. anniversay of Saab's Independence. The last, not shown in the picture is 9-4X

Go go Saab ! And congratulations to the 2010 European Excellence Awards in the Crisis Communications Category. Also you do a fantastic job on the Saab official facebook page.

Source : SaabsUnited

update : there are already invitations to the press conference on the 1.3. :


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