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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Speculation : Saab’s Independence Edition color

According to this article on the Saab's independence anniversary day (23.February, independence of GM) there will be issued an Independence Edition which will be a convertible.

It will be based on Aero and will have 2.0T Biopower engine with 220 HP.

It will have a new color - Sunset Red and it looks like many parts of the car will be toned to this color. Including the new seats and turbo instrument needle. It will have 18" wheels, several Hirsch parts like the very cool leather instrument panel and probably other parts like interior and door trims. And a new steering wheel.

I've tried to copy the color of the Independence Edition gift set and tone a 9-3 convertible with it. So the limited edition could look simmilar to this :

There will be 366 uniquely numbered pieces. The logic with this number seems to be 365 + 1 piece each year after 23.2.2010.A numbered Limited edition is a very nice idea and plan. Looking forward to February.

source : Saabsunited

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