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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Electric Saab Convertible ?

As the push for alternative fuels and propulsions continues, Saab is working together with a swedish company ElectroEngine on an electric propulsion, which will include convertibles as well. They will show a technology called ePower but on the same time working on another project called TrueElectric.

A test of a 9-3 convertible with TrueElectric appeared on the Net, from which these are the main points :

-  two large electric motors of more than 165 horsepower each
-  300km reach at one charge
-  2400Nm torque
- 15 km per hour charge with standard outlet, three-phase power outlet / 16 amps 100 km    per hour, 32 amp - 200km per hour
- 12 patent applications

The difference to other technologies is this : 
In a conventional electric car the battery maker have to work around 100 hours on matching cells with similar qualities. Think of it this way: the cells in a battery are individuals with different characteristics. In order to provide a battery pack that serves as a unit you have to find the batteries that match. If one or more cells in a conventional electric vehicle get damaged after a crash or an electrical fault, it is almost impossible to replace just a few battery cells. The entire package must be replaced. That’s expensive. 

The strongest cells send their energy to the weakest. The production of the batteries is faster and cheaper because you do not have to add the 100 hours in matching the cells. The fast charging phase becomes longer because the strong cells will send the current to the weaker cells. Problems with varying temperature are reduced significantly, meaning that the batteries could be spread out on different places in the car. And you can replace individual cells.
 No other characteristics were disclosed. The dynamics (0-100kmh) is unclear. And how the batteries really behave after a time or in different temperatures will be known first after some long tests. 

Cross-fingers Saab. It looks promising !

Source :  ElectroEngine

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