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Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm Alex, my home country is Slovakia. A real car for me to get in and drive it with passion and to have a sad feeling after parking it and step out. If this is the case, than a real relationsship with my metal baby starts.

On the other hand this can be a disadvantage as well, because everything around a new car is hard. To choose, configure and pay a new one or to find a used one. Every driver error hurts.

I had several cars in the past. Some of them were mine, some were company cars. I started with 2 used  Skoda Favorits (1.3), than a noble but slow Mitsubishi Galant (flat 1.8). Than a 15-years old BMW 325ix (E30) which was a lot teenage, but with a flat V6 engine and prehistoric 4x4. The two Opel Astras Caravan (F & G, 1.4 16V) were company cars, fine, but very very slow. Toyota Avensis Combi (2.2 D4D) was my try of diesel with the result - please no diesel. Volvo V40 T4 was a real car. Started as a company vehicle, than I bought it and treated as a gem. I recently sold it to a trusted person. Than I had a Volvo S60 T5.  It was very cool. The last two Volvos teached me to love swedish (partially) cars to an extreme called volvism.

After my employer was acquired by another one, I left the company. There was a serious consideration about buying the S60 T5 (as the V40 before), but the leasing company sucked so much, that I was not ready to pay them a penny. I still had my 9 years old V40 but wanted a new car. A fun car. A used one.

The search has begun ...

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