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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tatort SAAB

Years ago, as a teenager in the 80's, I loved crime TV series. While locked behind the iron courtain, there were some good local ones, but there was one very valuable source from "the other side" - ORF, the austrian TV. They broadcasted many movies and series, mostly german production. Many people loved Derrick, Der Alte or the german/austrian/swiss coproduction series Tatort.

Of course in the series SAAB was used. I've found two videos, embedded below.

The first video is very piquant, mainly for people from former Czechoslovakia, . The driver of the white c900 is Juraj Kukura, one of the top famous czechoslovakian actors. He was very visible in the 80's and prepared the former regime a couple of very uncomfortable moments. In the heat of the socialism propaganda singing about the paradise we live in, he fled behind the borders in 1985.

All movies, where he played, were immediately banned and no more word was officially spreaded about him, as he would never exist. But he spoke german and somehow managed to get roles in series and movies. So the people which were able to receive the ORF TV signal spotted him several times afterwards.

Such as in this part of Tatort from 1989, in the white c900.

The other Tatort part (1974) with a SAAB 99.

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