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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saab Session Slovakia 2015

I just couldn't resist. Or, better said, I had to find time and save energy for this event. And it was a good decision. Saab Session Slovakia started 3 years ago with ~50 cars. Now it was 90+. In the time, when the Saab infection is weaker and weaker, this thing grows.

There were slovaks, czechs, polish and swiss guys, germans... even a lady from Brazil. Somehow. There were people driving for this event 10-12 hours, with relatively new Saabs but also 40 years old Saabs. What to say... this event is now rooted in the map of the european Saab events. In the small and strange country of Slovakia. A 2.5 days event. Wow.

Some pics:

9-3.  A hirsched 2.8.

Another rarity, a 9-5 SC #3 from the 9-5 SC directory

This is Karel Gott with the Staidl brothers. The czech pop icons of the past. Driving Saabs.

I truly don't care if a 9-7X has or hasn't the Saab spirit.

The usual talk.

The proud owner.

The veteran section.

Still my wet dream, a 900 convertible in good shape.

A decoration of one of the old Saabs.

The light.

This Skoda belongs to the painter of many Saab paintings, always present on these events.

Panorama 1

Detail one.

To drive a 90 cars convoy is not easy.

That place for the photos and lunch.

Panorama 2

That radio.

On the way home. Donovaly, about 8°C. It seems, the vert season is closed.

Much more photos can be found on the fb event page.
Cheers all.

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