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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear friends and readers. I've got a couple of "why you stopped to write the blog" questions. My ego was smiling, however things have changed. I have a new love:

She's Alexandra, now 5 months young and absolutely loved by everybody who appears nearby. She's smiling and laughing, recently started to "comment" things and she steered my life towards things that really matter.

But my Saab is in the garage and it still continues to send the "drive, drive" signals. And I follow them. Much less, then before, but still quite often.

It was the case for today. In the last years, the Christmas are without snow. The climate is warming and I ask myself if we, the car drivers, are not at least partially guilty of this. We might be, but nobody answered this completely reliable. Anyway, today it was a sunny 13°C day here in Slovakia and I couldn't resist the signals from the garage. Roof down of course.

 I wish you a relaxed and happy Christmas days and only the best for 2015. The next year will be good. Without any doubt. See you next year at Saabism.



  1. Have fun with Alexandra! The blog can wait...

    Happy New Year,

    Alexandros (the one with the sand top 9-3 convertible...)

    1. All the best for 2015 Alexandros. Nur das beste...

  2. Totally agree with your priorities, family and friends always first, and when there's time - Saab blogs :) It's ended up being a bit of a family affair for us, my son and daughter love to point out and take pictures of Saabs wherever we go. Alexandra my be a bit young at the moment, but when the time is right...

    Happy new year, and I'll continue to enjoy your site, you'll find bambinos love the convertible too, the wind in their hair always makes them smile (it did ours).

    1. thanks Mr.11. With her, the family and two jobs, there is not much time left for now. It is the family affair with my girlfriend, which knows the Saabs by now. I hope Alexandra will be the same and also hope, that at that time, it will not be oldtimers only.

      Thanks for the words. I will definitely not stop.

      Happy 2015 to you and the family.