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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saab Session Slovakia 2014

This is one of the busiest times I've ever experienced in my life. The neverending flu, which I hoped to be at the end before this year's the Saab Session. Of course it was not. A new and very strange GM in my daily job, making me think about, that I am too old for listening to incompetent managers.

But the smile of my newborn daughter gives me a energy for fight with all this every morning. Our private web project seen by 100.000+ people per month gets a smartphone version (app is there for long time). My first work on a smartphone dedicated website, I am proud of it. Many evenings and nights of work are behind it. We're searching for an investor to open new cities.

These are the things holding me off the blog for a while.

The Saab Session Slovakia 2014 has a nice headline at the end: "70 cars from 7 countries". It growed again a bit. Good mood was there all the time. All people from the scene were present. The place - Banska Stiavnica is beautiful. A success. Although I could be there only a couple of hours instead of the whole 2.5 days, here are some photos.

And then my camera failed :)

Much more and better photo material can be found on the official Saab Session Slovakia website.


  1. Wow, seriously nice gathering of Saabs, looked like a great day too.

  2. Looks like fun - perhaps we can make it to Slovakia next year. :-)