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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saab in the movie Rush

In the movie Rush appears in a scene a Saab 96. The first photo was a "oh a Saab?" moment, the second photo was a confirmation. Both photos are from

The story of the fight between Niki Lauda and James Hunt is very strong. I was 6 years old, when it happened, I didn't realised anything about it. A couple of years later Formula 1 was thanks to the austrian TV channel ORF (I live close to the austrian border) a frequent guest at our home.

Hereby I'd like to give a huge credit to Heinz PrĂ¼ller, the austrian ORF commentator to F1 for over 40 years. He basically teached me Formula 1, a very knowledgeable guy, one of the best sports commentators ever. That voice will always be the symbol of F1 and it appears in a scene of the Rush movie as well. PrĂ¼ller forever. Really.

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