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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cold as a twister

In the heat of the things I've completely forgot about this. There is a youngtimer and oldtimer edition of the czech car magazine Autotip called Autotip Klassik. In June 2014 they brought a review of the Saab 900 Classic convertible - my personal dreamcar.

I couldn't get the printed version anymore, but a colleague of mine (which Datsun 240z is also featured in that issue) scanned his copy for me.  

It's a fair review of the convertible with all the pros and cons. Also with regard of possible investment. Also a brief history of the 900 convertible (2nd photo right side). They even got a commemorative edition photo. 

"The nordic guy is at the first look a little bit distant. But when you get him under the skin, every drive will warm you on the heart. In the context of sad end of Saab, a convertible is a good investment." 

So maybe one day... rather than an investment car, I'd love to have it as a summer weekend and gatherings Saab.

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