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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A parking lot...

This was a more or less typical parking lot in Czechoslovakia through the socialist time. It's most probable, that the photo was taken in the 70-ies.

So what we have here:

The Saab 99 is clear.

The busses are all Skoda RTO. The engine was in the cabin, next to the driver (below the clock). I remember them as a child, from ski trips into the Tatras. They also were busses for public transport in the cities, but slowly dissapeared through the 80ies. Here is a nice RTO gallery

On the left to the Saab is VAZ-2101 Zhiguli, at that time a level below the Saab, but expensive as well. Engine 1.3 liter, performance about 70 hp. We never called it VAZ, it was simply a Zhiguli. It was some Fiat license to Russia or a copy.

On the left to him is Trabant 601 (the combi one). Engine 0.6 liter, about 23-25 horsepower. Dual stroke. There was a Special Mix petrol on the gas stations. When it wasn't, you had to buy a bottle of oil and empty it out into the tank. We had two after each other. Interesting experience. You learn to honour normal cars afterwards:)

To the right side of the Saab is Fiat 850. Engine 0.850 liter with about 50 hp.

In the left lower corner are two Skoda 1000 MB. Actually these were very good looking cars, rear engined and having a rear wheel drive. They rusted a lot. The MB means Mlada Boleslav, the town where they were built. They are still seen on the street from time to time. I am regulary going crazy after the convertible version. It's a masterpiece.

On the left side below the busses are a couple of Skoda 100. It was the successor of Skoda 1000 MB. It was a nice one, but not that popular as the 1000. There is also a Skoda Octavia, the model from the 60ies.

A bit of nostalgia here, but to be honest if the regime would come back, I would flee immediately. Therefore I deeply respect my parents, which stayed. For many reasons.

Source of the photo: fb youngtimers page

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