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Monday, June 9, 2014

Solstad Saab promo materials

A very interesting document landed in my mailbox. Solstad was a small company in Sweden producing special custom rebuilds of your (not only) Saab. Towing vehicles, a convertible rebuild, UTE, ambulance cars, whatever you imagine. The document is a scan of an original promo collateral, which I've never seen before.

Because the source of this rare piece is the dealership / service Saab Suchomel in the Czech Republic, which owner visited Robert Solstad a couple of time, it is good possible, it comes from him.

This is it, higher resolution after click: 

... and this last one is a scan from a history photography of Solstads at Saab Suchomel:

A piece of history. Somehow, still hoping that it continues... as every Saab fan.

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