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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Electric Saab behind the corner?

Teknikens Värld reports, that the production of the electric Saab should start in the second quarter. For Ttela Mattias Bergman confirmed, that the production is is only a few weeks ahead and that the press of the bodies already started.

He adds: "it's not a revolution, rather an evolution" as an answer to the question how it will look like. No tailpipe, minor interior changes and no sound. It will be the first test fleet.

At this stage it is unimportant, if anyone here in Europe likes electric cars or electric Saabs. Important is, if the electric Saabs will be liked in China. Saab survival depends on this. From this point of view, this is a good news.

If we, the fans, can live with that in mind, is a complete different story.

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