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Monday, December 2, 2013

NEVS started to produce new Saabs

Here they are. Today NEVS started to produce new 9-3's. According to the official press release, it's a 9-3 Aero Sedan, the engine is a 2-liter turbo with 220hp. The production starts at a very modest rate, about 10 cars in a week and will be increased later.

The initial focus of NEVS with Saabs is China, but next week NEVS also starts to sell first car to Sweden. The price tag starts at 279000 SEK (about 31.000 €) for a manual Aero. That's not exactly cheap, but one has to consider this is an Aero and anyway it's about 10% cheaper than a Griffin Aero 2012.

NEVS says, it is focused on electric cars. The electric Saab will be launched in spring 2014. Saabsunited claims, that also around 2014 should come a SportCombi, X and convertible chassis. It's unknown if with combustion or electric engine or both. Qingdao, the chinese city and a partial owner of NEVS has placed an order for 200 electric Saabs, which have to be delivered in spring 2014.

Well what we see here is basically a Griffin. According to many previous information it should have reworked front part to comply with EU pedestrian control regulations, new stereo and a couple of other things 200 new parts (source: We already can see a bit reworked seats. In comparison with the first pre-production Saab it has different wheels - the turbine wheels. And a new logo on the hood as well in the wheels (I want them!:) ).

There was a press conference today so there will come a bit more information out later today or in the next days. Hopely :) Let's see what the future brings, hopely this resurrection of Saab works well. 

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