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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update : Saab Session Slovakia 2013

Things are moving in organising the Saab Session Slovakia 2013.

The program is ready as well as all registration, accomodation informations and things around. You can find an english version as well as german version of the whole event information.

The event will be two and half days long, from Friday till Sunday. A Saab drive, a flatboat / raft ride, a joint lunch and dinner are in. A few things more.

The Strecno castle, seen on the photo above is a nice one, everything happens around the longest slovakian river Váh which we will cross a couple of times on a ferry and the flatboats.

There is also a map of the Saab ride on Saturday.

View SAAB Session Slovakia 2013 in a larger map

One thing remains open and that's the attendance of our Saabull model, which was present last year and than survived the large floods in spring. It is logistically complicated, but everybody wants to see it there, so let's see.

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