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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The boat ride

A couple of days ago my phone ringed and a friend says: "there is a possibility to go for a boat ride on the Danube through the city and around, for a couple of hours, do you want to go ?". Of course. These kind of trips are rare chances. Danube has strong magic powers, I've never been on such a trip, even when I live in the city. There are not many possibilities. Strange ? Definitely yes. Why ?

Well there are good and bad reasons for the fact, that boating isn't developed here as it could (and should) be.

The first good one is that Danube has a relatively fast stream (~10 km/h - 5 knots) and for this you need skill and stronger boat engine than the small 5 HP ones. The second good reason is the nature. If too many wild people would boat around, all the nice and quiet places on the Danube banks would fade away. It's partially protected area, so only conscious people respecting the environment should do this. The third good reason is that a good boat is expensive and this is a part of Europe, which still need time for development. A lot of very poor people are living here.

The bad reason number one is, that many people become stupid after wearing a uniform. The power they get with the uniform is enlarging their ego and than they behave like having IQ50. Not only the river police, but also the bureaucrats who write the rules for boat owners. For example how the mandatory two paddles helps you in a 5 knots stream on a boat when the engine fails.

Despite of all this, the trip waked up an old daemon in me saying "i want a boat on the Danube". Let's see if I will be able to sleep him again.

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