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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The art of improvisation

The Saab weekend on Lipno, a huge lake in southern Czechia, is organised by the guys from Saabinfo. We were there again. On the top photo is a damaged intake pipe from a friends 9-5 2.2 Tid. The diagnostics what is with the Saab was short. But to repair this, about 200 km from the closest service, which could have this on stock on a sunny Sunday, is something completely different. You have to improvise with what you have available.

Many people came to watch, talk, advise and whatever you can think of. A great advantage of a Saab meeting is, that you always find some tools in some trunks and skilled people to fix things.

Some "tools" had a different nature and were not very Saab conform. But back to the point. What to you use as a replacement for that pipe for at least coming 300 km home ?

A can of coke. It's an advert / sample can, the thinner format than the usual one. Yes, this looks very strange. But it worked. At least for the drive home. Well, the most of it. This worked for about 250 km, than it got a hole in it, but the guy and his two sons could return back home. Of course a normal service garage visit is necessary now, but to pull the Saab home on a top of a service car would be much more expensive.

A kind of MacGyver :)  

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