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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

På Taket Saab 96 in danger through floods

You may remember our crazy amphibian På Taket Saab 96 model, which can drive as well as swim on water. This one :

It is stored at a friends place at the industrial harbour of Bratislava. But the river Danube is flooding right now all areas around it. Of course the harbour as well. Everything is closed down there, so we don't know anything about the condition of the På Taket Saab.

Sure it is water resistant and it can swim, but it is located in a storage garage with many other heavy things (seen partially on these photos) which can move and destroy it. Nothing is sure for the moment.

To get a context what is going on here, here's the only one picture from the harbour I could find :

Winter harbour Bratislava, 5.July 2013, photo :

And this is how the flood looks right now, appx. 24 - 26 hours before the expected culmination point :

Parking space where we use to meet is now completely under water. Photo :
Exactly the opposite river bank as the photo above. It's appx. 1 km to the city center. The barriers are still holding.
Photo :

update : 10 cm of water in that part of the harbour, so nothing special. And sealed doors. Pa Taket is safe :) It is expected that the Danube drop its level after this night, so it should also stay ok.


  1. I remember writing about the Pa Taket quite a while ago on SU because I thought it to be so cool and showed such a great spirit. The flooding does not look cool and I really hope it to be safe.