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Monday, May 6, 2013

The expected charisma

This is a very exclusive Saab duet, not many of them are around. Such a combination is probably absolutely unique. There are mixed feelings about the 9-4X from some fans but the 9-5 is loved. Actually I love them both, I've been sitting in both and made a test drive in the 9-5 (sedan).

This photo aroused a quite emotional feeling in me. Especially because now are the days, when I would start to enjoy having one of these. If ... of course Saab would survive. I had to go for a different brand. It's fine but ...

Another reason for the emotion is, if you look at this and than compare with the crap that BAIC introduced a couple of weeks ago ? There are worlds in between ... but in the bitter reality Saab is in coma and BAIC lives.

It would be not good to start to be nostalgic, that the golden old times are over. Let's see what NEVS brings to the table. They have a huge responsibility. And it's not about 9-3 or 9-5. Whatever it will be it has to be excellent. And also serious to gain respect. These two Saabs on the photo are serious in how they look, feel and drive. Right now we're reading about batteries and drive ranges. That's not the whole thing. Charisma is probably the right word, what is expected now.

Photo via International Saab 9-5 NG Club facebook page


  1. The photo was a link on the International SAAB 9-5 page to the SOTW on SU. This is just part of this mans collection too. He has these two and a 2011 9-5 sedan, a ng900 convertible and a Sonett III. SAAB runs through his blood and he has told me he will send SAABSUNITED a photo of all his SAABs together in the summer when he has had a chance to detail them all.

    1. The whole collection is for sure a supercool thing, but these two together on one photo are bringing a kind of a special message

  2. totally agree, a message of what could have been