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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cabrio ride hints : California Highway 1

This was one of my dreams, that came true. The California 1 leading along of the pacific coastline in California appears in several roadtrip charts. We did this back in January, driving from San Francisco (rather from Silicon Valley) to Los Angeles. Not in a convertible, it wasn't a right time for it. But in case I would be there again in summer and would have time, I would do it immediately again.

Peaceful road, beautiful cliffs falling into the ocean, impressive houses on the coast and many scenic points. A real cruising road.

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Plan ahead, at least our road was 240 miles long and it's at least a half day trip. There was only one petrol station somewhere in the middle, so better tank before, at least for peace of mind.

You have to have luck for good weather. Not only because of the convertible temperatures, but also because of the sidewind from the ocean, which, when it's strong changes your interior into a laundromat and can even fold down your wind deflector. Through our drive there wasn't by far not that windy.

There are many nice places, described in National Geographics road trip section. You will drive along several state parks and protected areas. For a one day trip it seems to be impossible to visit them all, but if you have more time, the chance is definitely there. Some landmarks, such as the impressive Morro rock are to see from the road.

In a one-day version you have to count time for a lunch as well. There are some possibilities, mainly in the second half of the road on the map. We've randomly stopped in Cambria, where we had luck for a restaurant with very good seafood.

A couple of miles before San Simeon is an interesting place - an elephant seal rookery and vista point. There is a society protecting the elephant seals with a website and live webcam. It's a great and recommended stop. Here is the exact location on google maps.

For those of you, who love to do roadtrips as we do, this will be a really nice experience. More down south are many possibilities for overnight even if you didn't reserved anything in advance. This isn't a problem in this part of the world. Enjoy and if you did this trip, the comments are open :)

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