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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Appealing Saab taglines

To produce an influential tagline is art and science together. Not everyone is capable of it, high quality is rare and that is what we see everyday in advertisements and on websites. I admit, the tagline of Saabism "All the good Saab things" is also not the best but I'm not a copywriter and the tagline comes from the time when I didn't had really a clean picture about the content. Which lasts until today :)

 I've stumbled about two taglines, which I find very appealing and wonderful written.

The first one is at the fan site and the Saablime facebook page. Probably the best I've seen :

"Not for everyone. Essential to a few."

The second appears on t-shirts produced by the organisers of the annual Saab meeting in Roudnice and says :

"Saab. Z osobních důvodů." 

... which translated from czech means "for personal reasons".

Both of the taglines are here for a while. What is so appealing on them ? I'm not sure. probably the evocation of feeling to "be special" or to "be yourself". And both separates the Saab owner from the mainstream crowd. Which is a fact, but also a double-edged sword.

If you were touched by a similar Saab related tagline / slogan, feel free to write it in the discussion.

1 comment:

  1. Hi everyone here. Tagline is an art in your native language but really challenging in a foreign one... We, in France, have learnt the Saab commercial tagline mostly written in english. The most popular commercial Saab tagline was: "Saab, move you mind".

    I agree that the tagline of the Saablime fb page and website is really cool as it pictures well their editorial tone.

    I like the one I imagined recently: "Saab. Drive your life". But maybe not as original as those you quote...