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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Saab 64 Celebration Day in Luxembourg

There were many reasons why I decided to go to the Saab 64 Celebration Day and drive the 1000 km. The first was to meet a couple of online Saab friends in person, shake their hand and drink a beer with them. Maybe find new friends. Also to see a community in a smaller country than I am living in. Driving the Autobahn again.

But there was one special reason, which has roots 25 years back in the past. I was 14-15, trapped behind the iron courtain, without a perspective for a normal life. But my family had friends, which visited us and supported us. Especially the father of the family (R.I.P.), without knowing that, opened my eyes in many ways. He spoke about the life in the western part of Europe. That not everything is as easy as it appears. That I have to learn foregin languages. That the system in the soviet block falls apart, but nobody knows when it will be definitive. That family lives in Luxembourg and that is why Luxembourg has a special place in me.

The event itself was a birthday party of two people - congratulations again to Roby and Nicolas and an official launch of the Saab 64 1947 - 2011, a tribute to the history of Saab cars, a book written and collected by Nicolas Demuynck. He has put a lot of effort into the book which has texts in three languages and contains hundreds of photos. The book is now a part of my collection.

The book is available via thesaabfarm and on this email.

The two days were very informal. Fans, besides of Luxembourg came mainly from neighbouring countries. Many Saab models appeared, most of them the classic 900s. A birthday celebration, a meeting, a round trip, and an official dinner.

A very pleasant two days.

Part 1 of the photos :

The classic 900 and a Sonett discussion
The almighty Saab 900 Convertible. In Monte Carlo Yellow.
Cabotine and Toppolas
A randomly spotted reflection ...
Again the almighty 900
n/a :)
To have this in front of the hotel ? Anytime ...
... a detail
Another detail
An original birthday gift. A Garrett turbo.
The departure day, 8 o'clock in the morning. Frosty ...
... very frosty
... even more frosty

Part 2 of the photos.


  1. Alex; your photos are fantastic ! You have a sense of esthetic which is great .
    Thank you for all those beautiful photos !