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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jalopnik and a Jason Castriota interview

Jalopnik published a Saab related story called Why The Saab 9-3 Phoenix May Not Be Dead After All. It is related to the 9-3 Jason Castriota design, which was seen and discussed by the whole Saab community.

There are a couple of new parts in the puzzle. For example, all new Saab 9-3s were planned to be  AWD and hybrid. With the BMW four-cylinder engine as the front power source and electric engines with torque vectoring on the rear wheels. An example of Saab torque vectoring test can be seen in this video. Cool, I would go for this power train as it would bring more driving accuracy and less money for fuel.

Jason Castriota says about that it would make sense for NEVS to use this design for the new 9-3. Yes it would. However, the community response is the big question here. What you would prefer a Saab 9-3 Griffin (or the facelift before) or JC's design ?

The emphasis on Saab-ness (or Saabism if you want :) ) is another of the points of the interview.
Yes, it is a hatchback, and at least inspiration from the c900 in the rear, as well as the hatchback 9-3 from the side. However, for my taste there are too many compromises in it.

There are many more points covered in the interview, and there will be a Q&A session later this week on Jalopnik. So if you are interested in asking, you may have a success getting an answer.
It's worth to stay tuned.

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