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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Your Saab data in real time

This video is an impressive example of gathering data from your Saab while driving with relatively simple tools. It's a user walkthrough, saying what you need to get the data in real time and much more.

It's an OBDLink MX device reading the data from the ECU and sending them via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone, which runs an application called Torque. The reader is utilising OBD-II standard and this video example is made on a MY2007 Saab 9-3 with B284L engine (stock).

The reactions on the few forums are claiming, that the reader device is extremely well built and fast, much better than the usual chinese production. However there are tests online with cheaper devices which are claimed to work.

According to the description the Torque app besides reading from the ECU has many other features. It can record a mobile video with selected data (throttle, torque, fuel consumption etc) or you can combine them with the video from another camera such as this Saab in the Nordschleife. For this you might need a free Track Recorder plugin.

While reading around the combinations, there are three important things coming out : 1) the amount of informations from the ECU varies by car type, 2) the device takes energy from the battery also with engine switched off, so one has to be careful not to flatten the battery and 3) it needs a quite powerful smartphone.

This device doesn't support iOS based devices, but the manufacturer has wifi based devices, which can be used with Apple mobile toys.

I think my Saab will get a new toy. When the new smartphone will arrive ...

src : youtube

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