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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Classic 900 Talladega red stolen, any information would help

From Leipzig in Germany via Tom from is coming an ask for help. Maybe some of you, the readers, could help.

In the last year there has been three classic 900 Saabs stolen in Leipzig , one of them was a convertible, another one a Turbo. Today dissapeared the fourth one - a Saab 900 Turbo 16 S in Talladega red colour.

The Saab was built in 1992, it has an airflow kit and a light grey interior. The front-side airflow elements are not mounted yet. There is another very visible thing - the english windshield wipers which have the idle position on the left side. The c900 has brand new Hella front lights, a Bilstein-B6 chassis, rear windshield wiper, Abbott Motorsport stickers, the fresh renewed air tunnels and a Carlsson dual exhaust.

The numberplate is L-TU 900. It seems, that in Leipzig someone goes planned after classic 900s. Therefore we are asking for help, so that Hagen, the owner gets his Saab back. The Saab community is not large and a Talladega red Saab is very visible. The airflow kits are rare and even more rare is, when a part of them is not mounted.

Maybe the Saab or parts of it appear on one of the known Internet platforms soon.

In case you spot the car online or in the streets, please write immediately either to me or directly to Germany to Tom. Please share this if you can or want.

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