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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Saab 96 (1968) electric conversion

A Saab 96 from the 60's converted to electric propulsion. A strange combination. Not for petrol purists and definitely not for classic car lovers. But it has a kind of magic in it. It's this non high-tech feeling which comes from it. The electric cars of today are in some way spreading this supermodern feeling, if not from the exterior, than definitely from the interior. This one is a simple Saab still maintaining it's soul, where you wouldn't expect to be electric.

According to the video the range is about 120 miles, which means a city car. This is a 4th converted car by this guy, done via a conversion kit, so he's experienced already. It's also an advertisement for, but that's OK.

Brought via Matthias,the organiser of the Saab Meeting in the Bavarian Forest. Thanks a lot for pointing this out.

1 comment:

  1. of course it's the future of "classic car lovers" as well - it's for educated classic car lovers that don't like the idea of global warming societal suicide and childhood asthma, not to mention oil wars.