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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A complete SAAB wheel guide

If you have ever searched for new or used wheels for your Saab, you might come to a quite powerful but still not complete guides, either Jeff Powells list or the Allfactory wheels list.They have a lot of content but either some wheels are missing or information about them.

There is now going a really nice attempt to make a complete list in a shared google document, where fans already did a great job and it continues right now. It looks like this :

This really nice community effort can be found here : Saab Wheel Guide.

The edit is open for a week or a little bit longer.

Please look at it, if you can add something, please do it. If this goes good, it could be the most complete Saab wheel guide on the web.

This attempt was started by a user of the Saabbit forum.


  1. Hey thanks for posting my guide! I'm leaving the editing open for a bit longer, and will put some serious effort in the coming weeks to make it complete. Once I have my Beta version released I will post to the forums and get corrections and additions again. After that it will be complete. Thanks for the exposure!

    1. Hey Jordan,

      this is really a great thing you try to achieve. I'm glad to help, did also some edits in the document by myself. A big thumb up! Alex

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. There is a pretty good list with lots of info here