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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Independence Edition dashboard

It seems that everything needs it's time. This was a Christmas gift to my Saab. It needed some time to come here and again many thanks to all who helped. Then it was Christmas time, afterwards 2.5 weeks vacation, then hardcore work. And then the service guy got a flu. So the whole thing took nearly three months from start to installation.

But it's here and installed. Finally. Together with Hirsch leather door handles. The dashboard hasn't a Hirsch logo on it, because the Independence Edition didn't had it. It is maybe one of the last available, if not the very last one.

My biggest concern was, that it will visually "fight" with the Maptun steering wheel. Luckily, it's not the case, they are playing very well together. I love it.

And besides the visual upgrade, the original dashboard had a quasi alumium edge, which created a bit annoying reflection on the windscreen under the "right" light conditions. This is now gone.

The search another parts for replacement or covering of other aluminium parts in the cockpit continues. The center console and probably the glovebox. If it needs it's time, ok. So let's see ...

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