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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab - a book to come

There is a new book to be released soon. ‘Saab 64 – A Tribute to the History of Saab’ illustrates the history of Saab cars from 1947 till 2011, and contains never-seen-before archive photos. It is written in English, Dutch and French. 

The book will be officialy presented at 6th of April in Luxembourg, at the annual meeting of the Saab Club of Luxemburg.

How to order and what's the price ? I don't know. More info should come soon and as far as I have it, it will appear on Saabism. 

edit : The price will be €24,95 and the book can be pre ordered on
src : saablog-in, facebook, saabsunited

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