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Sunday, February 17, 2013

An american World Map of Saabs update

After a longer time there is an update to the World Map of Saabs. Most of them are from the american trip, many from San Francisco, some from Oahu and one submission came from Seattle, Washington. Thank you John !

Some of them are grouped in one picture, either the Golden Gate Bridge entrance or shots in the last second. However the map growed a lot.

The aim of the World Map of Saabs is to have a map full of Saabs. To show, that we're not just a few. Seeing cities like Amsterdam, San Francisco, Prague or the London area, we are definitely not just a few.

Currently there are 83 submissions with 95 Saabs from many places in the world.

If you are interested to have your Saab on the map, send me a picture with an approximate location. It will appear on the map soon. If you wish me to clean the numberplate, no problem.

The more Saabs of the map, the stronger the message.

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